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Wooden seating plan

Wooden seating plan

Lovely table plan, perfect for your big day! Can also be used as a panel to hang pictures on it at your home after your wedding as souvenirs!

The strings will already be pre-tied, and we will also provide you with the clamps and place cards. You will simply have to pin them to the panel. You have different design choices for place cards.

The lettering is done in permanent vinyl (and the cardboards by printing).

Table plan format 18x24 : up to 12 tables
Table plan format 24x32 : up to 24 tables

  • The dimensions of the cartons vary according to the number of tables on the panel;
  • At more than 20 tables, no customization will be possible at the bottom of the panel (only modifications for the top of the panel will be possible).

Please upload your table list with your order and make sure all names are spelled correctly, as we will not be held responsible for any errors (since the list will be copy-pasted).

* Take note that if however your table plan is not already ready, you are required to send it to us at least three weeks before the wedding to the email address Consequently, if this deadline is exceeded, we will not be held responsible in the event of a delay in delivery.

PDF & WORD FILES ONLY. No Excel files will be accepted. Please consult the photos to take an example of the type of file you are looking for.

IMPORTANT: In case you have a last minute change to make after that you have already received your order, you can contact us and we will send you a downloadable copy of your corrected place card. You should print it yourself (ideally on 100 lbs cardboard, for example at Bureau en gros or Buropro Citation).

** Tripods are sold separately. (See in the ' extras' section.)

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Annie Roy
fidèle à l'image

Parfaitement comme l'image,respect de toutes nos demandes. Très hâte de l'afficher le jour J


Très beau résultat final